Our training programs are designed around a season-based training calendar, to make sure you are at peak performance come game time

8-12 WEEKS

The preseason program is designed to get your body ready for competition. This program focuses on making sure all eight performance factors are developing equally. Because there is so much variety in this program, it is essential that you attend consistently (2-3x per week).

8-16 WEEKS

The In-Season program is focused on recovery, injury prevention, and key strength maintenance. Because athletes are busy during their season, this program centers on one day of stability & flexibility, and a single day of performance improvement. This program lasts throughout your sport's season, typically 8-16 weeks. (1-2x per week).


The post-season program is a program designed to recover from any nagging injuries and regain any strength or performance lost during your in-season playing time. The program typically lasts only 4-8 weeks, then moves to the Offseason training schedule. (2-3x per week).

10-16 WEEKS

Offseason is your greatest opportunity to make performance improvements. This should be the most intense training cycle (3x per week) and should be focused on developing all key performance metrics for your sport. Offseason should run 10-16 weeks depending on your sport's yearly schedule. (2-3x per week).

8-20 WEEKS

The initial program recommended when you have training weaknesses that need focus. This program should be run for 8-10 weeks to equalize your performance metrics before retesting. After retesting, you will move into the appropriate training season for your sport, or continue with equalization if you haven't yet met your targets. (1-3x per week).