Improvement comes with focus. Athletic Republic training provides you a path to focus on your performance goals, without locking you into a rigid schedule


The foundational course for all Athletic Republic training, this class focuses on making sure your body is ready for performance training. A great program for new members, athletes with muscle imbalances, or athletes recovering from competition. Key areas of development are balance, core strength, symmetric strength (equalizing left and right limb strength), recovery, range of motion, and training knowledge


In this training class, it’s all about building the muscle to perform. The primary course for power-based athletes (athletes who hit, throw, or jump) to make rapid gains. Key areas of development are muscular power, explosive force generation, and kinetic chain development


Agility & Reaction is the foundation of all offensive and defensive play. This training class helps you develop the tools necessary to track a ball or read an opponent. Best for ball sports (football, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse) that require quick hands and feet. Key areas of development are hand-eye coordination, ball tracking, player tracking, lateral stability, and movement efficiency.


The Speed & Endurance class builds your cardiovascular system to last the whole game, and the muscular endurance to outrun the competition. The primary course for running-based athletes (track, football, basketball, soccer) to learn proper running form and gain cardio endurance. Key areas of development are running mechanics, cardiovascular development, and muscle endurance.