Athletic Republic classes are focused on developing athletic skill sets, so athletes from 8 to 80 work alongside each other to make progress. Why? Because you can’t make the next level if you don’t know what it looks like. Yet for every training age, there are different developmental goals and mental attitudes. Athletic Republic understands these differences, and works with the athlete and parents to provide the best training environment for their situation.

MIDDLE SCHOOL 4th-6th grade, 8-11 years old

Learn to Train – The earliest stage of development Athletic Republic focuses on, middle school athletes are typically playing multiple seasonal sports, but are leaning towards a favorite. In this stage of development, the goal of performance training is to introduce the concept that training makes you better. Training focuses on building all eight athletic skill sets equally.

JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 7th & 8th grade, 11-13 years old

Train to Train – Junior high development is a period of rapid change. Athletes are now at their peak growth rate, and athletes are learning the value of rules, tactics, independence, and peer competition/cooperation. In this stage of development, Athletic Republic training centers on developing strengths and minimizing weaknesses, and training progressions are tailored to the individual’s chosen sport/position.

HIGH SCHOOL 9th & 12th grade, 13-18 years old

Train to Compete – High school development for all sports is focused upon attainment – making varsity, making the starting roster, gaining college offers. For High school athletes, Athletic Republic performance training is a key element of compete, and a year-round seasonal training routine becomes a key factor in competitive success.


Train to Win – At the collegiate and pro level (and those who aspire to this level), athletics is a career. For these athletes, a year-round training and competition plan scheduled to peak for major competitions is of the highest training priority. Athletic Republic development programs are more comprehensive for these athletes - including class work, personal training, personal coaching, and motivational counseling.